Do you repair traditional glass neon signs? 

No we do not. All of our signs are led flex tubing that offer the look and feel of traditional neon, without the added cost and maintenance. 

What is the cost of a LED neon sign?

Not as high as you think! Every product that we make is highly affordable; plus, we also offer attractive prices on customized signs. Not all signs are the same, so pricing will vary depending on amount of tubing used, type of acrylic board, sizing etc. Most of our signs range anywhere from $300-$700 and include everything you need such as a remote, dimmer, hanging chains, wall mounts, power supply and did we forget to mention we don’t charge for shipping. 

We can create mockups for you and upon approval of a design, we can then determine accurate pricing and provide you with a free estimate. Our estimates include pricing for 3 different sizes, so you have options to choose whichever suits your needs and budget.

How do I install My New Neon? 

Dimmer + Remote: Please insert 3 new AAA batteries.  Connect your sign cord to the dimmer transmitter box, then connect your dimmer transmitter box to the black AC/DC power adapter.

Weddings/Events: Using the pre-drilled holes, we suggest using the wire hanging kit included with your order or clear zip-ties or fishing line to hang your neon for non-permanent hanging at your venue.  Simply attach the hook to the pre-drilled holes at the top, grab a friend to help secure your sign, and clip the other ends to two nails or two hooks that are securely fixated to the wall or clip them to your wedding arch!

Permanent Wall Install: Please use the supplied wall mount kit to permanently attach your neon to a wall.

*Drill with 3/16” drill bit + Phillips Screwdriver + Hammer Required*

1. Hold up where you’d like your sign to go. If it’s too long, grab a friend to help! Using a pencil, mark the wall through the holes in your sign.

2. Grab your drill (drill bit attached) and drill the holes. Pound the white gib plugs into the holes with your hammer until flush with the wall

3. Using the fixings provided, unscrew the wide screw and hollow base. Take the smaller screw and insert it into the hollow base so it’s hanging out the bottom

4. Using a Phillips screwdriver, screw in the small screw tightly into the anchor in the wall.

5. Repeat process with all 4 hollow bases, so that they line up with holes

6. Sandwich the sign between the wider screw and hollow base and screw in tightly.

*your neon sign should be away from the wall*

7. Done!  Plug it in and watch it shine! 



What Are Your Shipping Costs?

That’s simple….there isn’t any.

What is the turnaround time for the signs?

Welcome to Steel City Neon. Currently, all signs are handmade to order and delivered within a time frame of 4 to 6 weeks. If you're needing a sign sooner than this, you can opt for "Priority Production" at the checkout which is a "Rush Order". Rush orders take 14 to 21 Business Days to be delivered.

How do I design my own Neon?

You can design your own neon easily. Simply reach out to us directly via email, direct message, or any other form of communication deemed necessary. We do pride ourselves on rapid communication, even with working full time jobs. The fastest way to get in contact with us is via Instagram. Feel free to check out some of our most popular collections.


I have requested a quote, when will I receive it?

Thanks for requesting a quote. You will receive a quote with a mockup within 1 - 2 Business days. Please note, we both work full time jobs as well as run this business so please be patient with us. 

What Are Steel City Neon Signs Made Of?

Unlike traditional glass neon, all our neon products are made from advanced LED flex tubing. Since LED flex tubing is made with PVC and acrylic, they are durable and long-lasting. Each light is encased in flexible rubber tubing, and powered by LEDs.

Every LED flex product from Steel City Neon is affordable, economical, and safer than traditional glass neon signs. At the same time, they provide a visual dazzle that’s better than glass neon signs.

We have a wide range of products available, with multiple colors and styles to choose from. You can also select from various trendy designs and quotes available in our store. 

What Are The Charges For Your Design Service?

When you’re purchasing a sign that’s custom made by us, we offer our design services free of charge. If, however, you choose to cancel the order before it goes into production, you’ll be given a full refund minus a token amount for the design consultancy. Keep in mind that once the design goes into production it can no longer be cancelled.

What Makes Steel City Neon Signs Safer Than The Rest?

Since all our signs are made from LED flex, there’s zero use of glass in our products. This prevents overheating, and ensures that the products are all energy efficient, and environment friendly. At the same time they are lighter, more durable and highly portable. Also, all our products come with UL certification.

What Colors Are Available?

Our neon signs are available in a total of 21 colors, of which 8 are white when turned off. The remaining have a colored covering (casing) on them so that the tubing shows the color even when turned off.

Can I Choose The Fonts?

Of course you can! We offer a massive range of fonts that you can select from. These include script fonts, block fonts and double-lined fonts. We don’t know of any other LED maker that offers such versatility when it comes to selecting fonts. In case we don’t have your required font currently, just let us know and we’ll take care of it. We also recommend taking a look at dafonts.com to help spark a little imagination.

What Kind Of Backboards Can I Get?

Steel City Neon signs are mounted on acrylic backboards. Based on the design you’ve selected, we will assign the best type of backboard available. Backboards are usually contoured according to the sign’s shape, or rectangular. Backboards can be transparent, colored and even UV printed. Do let us know in case you have a preference.

Do You Have A Return Policy In Place?

In case your product is faulty, we are happy to replace it for you; as long as there is not self-inflicted physical damage to the product. You can even opt for a full refund, unless item is a custom neon sign. If the item is a custom sign this is done on a case by case basis and we will do everything to resolve the issue promptly, however refunds are not typical with custom signs. We make every effort to resolve the issue as per Consumer Law. For any faulty product, the ultimate resolution is decided upon a case-by-case basis, depending on the fault’s source. For full disclosure please review our policies page. 

What Is Your Return Procedure?

Should you wish to return any faulty product, please make a short video of your sign along with some still photographs, and send us an email at steelcityneon@gmail.com Please note that for speedy resolution, we require both photos as well as a video of the product fault area.

When a return is placed, the faulty product must be returned in its original condition, and within two weeks of receiving the same. We shall make every effort to issue a speedy replacement or refund. For full disclosure please review our policies page. 

Can The Neon Light I Purchased Be Used Outdoors?

While our standard neon signs are made for indoor use, they can be easily used for outdoor events and parties. The only thing you have to take care of is ensuring that they don’t get wet, since our standard signs are not waterproof.

On request, we do create intricate outdoor neon signs. In order to get an outdoor sign, please contact us at steelcityneon@gmail.com

Do Your Neon Signs Come With A Warranty?

Our indoor products come with a one-year warranty covering all electrical components, provided you use them appropriately. For outdoor products, the warranty is for a three month period. For faulty signs, we’ll either replace the product or provide a refund.

For further inquires, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out with anything you need!